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Mera Luna festival, Hildesheim DE 14.08.2016

NCN festival Deutzen DE 03.09.2016

NEWSFLASHOff the record, on the QT and very hush-hush

NCN Festival 2016

Zeromancer is very happy to announce we will be back in Germany! We will play the NCN Festival - 03.09.2016
City: Deutzen / Germany
Venue: Kulturpark Deutzen

Total-off the hook!

Total was off the hook. What a great way to say goodbye. Thank you everyone for making this so special. And so warm. Lorry's brother surprised everyone by proposing from stage. Crazy. Big bro in tears. Invited Per Olav from Untime on stage for Photographic encore. All hands in the air. Insane. Best funeral ever!

Alt-Fest cancelled

So sorry about this. This immense alternative festival in Kettering, UK has been cancelled just two weeks prior to the event. We know for a fact that even Norwegian fans have bought tickets for this. It breaks our heart. It's a real tragedy. Read more about why from the promoters on the Alt-Fest offical site.


AMPHI...what a delightful success. Such a blast seeing so many people coming up every time we do a festival show in Germany. Insane!
Now, Total is next. A shame closing down a spectacular place like that. However, we have to finish up what we started off. It's gonna be an unforgettable Saturday evening. Hope to see you guys. Up close!


Wanna thank you all for coming to see ZMR at these Best-of-shows in Germany. Many of you showed up on several occasions. It's been an overwhelming and fantastic experience.
Deeply appreciate the dedication. We we gave it all. You did too. A bond so beautiful. Now we all have to wait for next summer. Stay underground!

Das Bett, Pulp, Anker!!!

Three shows down...and what an amazing run we've had so far!
Frankfurt, Duisburg and Leipzig. Last night at the Anker in Leipzig was a classic. Can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for having such devoted fans. Back in Norway now looking forward to the last ones in Hanover and Berlin. The best-of-sets have been a blast. Almost a shame it's just these five exclusive German gigs.
Sending a big hello to our tourbuds, Dreadful Shadows and Army of the Universe and our beloved crew. See you soon everyone!

Welcome to the underground!

Last rehearsal tonight! Best-of shows starting on Wednesday in Frankfurt. Get your tickets!

Miss you guys. See you soon!

ZMR at Støperiet!

Finally we can announce that Zeromancer will play at Støperiet in Tønsberg during the Slottsfjellfestival. It will take place on Friday July 19!
Showtime around midnight! Get your tickets Manceros. Let's share another special one!
Tickets available


Good news everyone!
Two sets of dark weekends coming up this fall.
We are proud to announce 4 exclusive co-headlining shows together with our friends, Dreadful shadows.





tickets are available at:
@ the neuwerk shop:


Hulen in Bergen and Folken in Stavanger coming up. The last two shows on the "Tortured Artist Tour" Two great venues in the ZMR history. What a finale it will be. So looking forward to this weekend. Extra rehearsal tonight. It looks like it might be the very last time we come visiting Bergen and Stavanger with ZMR. Let's gather up people. Let's make this a weekend to remember!


Tønsberg and Total tomorrow. Been there this evening preparing. It's gonna be a good one. Few tickets if you are still debating going or not.... Take action now. Get your tix asap!


Opened at Szene in Vienna last night with a great show. The red bus now parked outside Frankfurt in the town of Rüsselsheim by the venue, Das Rind. Having a blast on tour along with our friends in Scream Silence and Eyes Shut Tight.
Cya soon!


Early birds! This Monday morning start selling the Bye-Bye Borderline LP. Remember they are very limited. Only 100 white vinyl. 300 black vinyl.
So..true Mancers, get your copies asap!


In two weeks the Tortured Artist Tour kicks off in Vienna.
It might be the last one. We really don't know. However we will make our priorities a little different after this tour.
Too many obstacles and tasks in life is calling on us.
From this day on, Zeromancer will be more exclusive.

You shouldn't worry. We have more releases coming.
Though if you wanna catch Zeromancer on tour, now is the time!!!
No hesitation. Spread the word everyone!
Love you all. See you soon!

BBB- Still Number One

Celebrating the number one spot on the European Alternative Chart for the fourth week in a row.

Bye-Bye Borderline - Hello-Hello Russia

Our Russian fans are amongst our most dedicated. Now we are extremely happy to announce that we are back with IronD records and releasing Bye-Bye Borderline in Russia. Like with our other releases the cover will have another look. This time the negative of the original. White cross on black! More news to come regarding releasedate!

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